Convergence Culture

Jenkins stated that "circulation depends on consumers active participation" and later, "consumers need to seek out new information to make new connections." Today, there are starting to be many examples of consumers actively participating in reality shows and dramas. Lost is a good example of consumer participation even outside of fan based culture. Yes, there are plenty of fans who live to figure out Lost with the help of their "online communities", but beyond that I feel that we as consumers are right where the producers want us to be. We are sucked in to Lost. I may not be apart of Lost's online fan base but am pretty devoted/prefer to watch the show on the television over the internet, I have all of the seasons at home and am sure I will buy all the seasons to eventually have a complete Lost collection. What is most significant about Lost is that is has you involved and interacting with the show even if you only watch it once a week on the television.
Obviously, the internet has allowed for active participation to grow, I was personally not that aware of the prominence of fan based culture today, but understand that Lost has created a storyline in which it feeds the internet craze of needing to go online and figure things out. Lost has encompassed old and new mediums for its showings. For example, Jenkins stated "each old medium was forced to coexist with the emerging media (14)." I am not sure of the statistics about how many people view on the television compared to the amount that view online but I would assume that unlike Gossip Girl that was being viewed mainly online that Lost has a good viewer ship in both. Therefore, the ABC's online episodes have not forced the television out but rather helped the whole process along of hooking people in and making money.
Jenkins made a point about fan culture being grass roots convergence. I did not fully understand the logic. From what I gathered there are huge online communities but I am not sure how they can become the grass roots of convergence. Aren't the fans just spoiling or "ruining" the storylines for others. If your only exploring the ins and outs of a show and having people post or have a dialogue about it, how is this grass roots convergence. I understand that it is the flow of content but what is its significance to the greater picture.