convergence culture

in convergence culture, Jenkins talks about the merging of different technologies in todays world. one of the things that he brings up in the introduction are cell phones and and their evolution. in the beginning a cell phone was so huge it had to be awkwardly put into a purse or briefcase. now they are so small that they can fit into the tiny pocket of your jeans. but size is not the only thing that has changed. The new demand for the ability to communicate to people from anyplace has led to cell phones having internet use. with the merging of mac and at&t wireless( formerly Cingular wireless) we now have iphones and can listen to music,text, surf the web and look at youtube videos, while all using a touch screen. over winter break i took my grandmother to get a cell phone and that was the hardest thing ever. much like Jenkins' story, i had a hard time finding a phone that was just a phone( why we got my grandmother a cell phone in the first place is beyond me, she never answers it). This fully stems from our desire to have the world at our fingertips.
Another thing that Jenkins talks about is the fan culture surrounding reality television shows. In Jason mittel's talk he beings up and image puzzle from lost and how 24 hours after the episode aired it had been decoded by fans online and (the fans) were debating about what could actually mean for the story line. The internet has allowed for the crossing over of the the two medias to form a super media.We can watch tv and then watch it again on our computers to find out if we have missed anything. This has helped fans of popular reality shows because of the desire to find every last detail from the producers. On the kyle xy website, there is a game that gives clues to what happens in the television show and helps clue the viewer in on the future episodes and understand the main character. But will this so called "super media" change the way we watch shows sin the future. I think not. IT will another dimension to the viewing experience but i don't think in any way will it beat out watching you favorite shows on the couch with your friends.