Infinite Survivors

First off, Eric and George had some really good questions for their presentation. I wish we had more time and we able to finish them in class. It will be interesting to see how the conversation/argument will carry out online on the blog. In fact speaking of which, isn't this exactly what Jenkins was talking about when he made the comment about connecting different mediums together. He was referring to the television and the internet but here we have in person discussion and internet. i.e. blogging. Perhaps our society is linking itself together in more ways than we can even conceive of.

But anyways, back to Jenkins. After starting his book Convergence Culture, i quickly became annoyed that he spent an entire chapter talking about Survivor. I understand the relevance- first reality TV show, its a great example...but i really think his argument could have been strengthened and made more interesting by using more examples. This way if the reader had never seen Survivor, they could still relate and if they had watched the show then they wouldn't get bored by the topic.

Jenkins's discussion on these "knowledge communities" was interesting because these online blogs really are creating a community themselves. It was weird to find out that people are sooo involved in these fake "realities" that they spend every moment trying to figure out what will come next. Don't they have anything better to do with their lives? Or is this obsession really driven by the fact that we can never really 'see the future' and reality television offers just that. In this way reality television allows the 'normal' viewer to become elite by the means of becoming an oracle. This gives them a places them higher up and them become someone who others desire to be- I'm not saying in the form of Being, but rather people want to obtain their knowledge. This viewer now has control over the entire online "knowledge community" because they, themselves, are the one providing the key knowledge. This was the case with ChillOne. Perhaps these new found positions that resemble that of the Oracle have become the true survivors.