Video games and our relationship to them

In this weeks reading we talked about our relationship too them.i personally feel that even though we as gamers enjoy picking our characters, there is no deep rooted relationship formed between gamer and created character.
For me video games, are just what they sound like, video games. I may have a blast with my awesome rock band drummer on world tour or my budding AOM civilization, but im not going to cry if something happened to them like i fail a song on don't beat the level. There are no visible emotions or things to easily relate them to myself. Even in games where people play constently the only connection there, i feel, is the joy in beating a level, not living vicariously through your level 18 palidin.
The only game i feel like that people really form connections with is second life and the sims. This is because not only are the characters created by the player, but the storyline is not preset so there is no following a path in the game. These games also give the player a chance to becomes something that they can't in real life.
With Books and movies, they are created with the sole idea to relate to the viewer. In books and the characters live in a slightly more realistic world and the characters have attributes that we can see in ourselves or want to have. We as the viewer have no control over what these characters do or don't do , which draws us further into the story and we read untill the book is over to find out what happens next.
Even though playing video games is fun and you can dive into another realm for a bit, at the end of the day no matter how long you have been playing, logging out of the game and going to do something else is something that we can all do easily .