video game time & reality

There were many aspects of games, film and media in this article. The part that most interested me was the idea of storytelling through video games and how 'video game' time works.

"Many factors that have little or nothing to do with storytelling per se contribute to the development of great games and we need to significantly broaden our critical vocabulary for talking about games to deal more fully with those other topics."

The main idea of video games is to go through a journey with a beginning and an ending. The most interesting thing about games is the idea of time. Because we live in a fast pace society, new technological ideas are developing quickly. When sitting and playing a video game, time does faster depending on the game. A player could play a game for an hour and have 5 days pass by on the video game.

The question is why it's created like that. Normal time is way to precious to be spent on a video game. In class, someone mentioned a game online that was considered boring, but is played using real time. The point of entertainment is to take the audience away from realty and out of their bus days. It gives people a chance to visit a world where their problems are put aside.

Television shows usually take 30 - 60 minutes of the public's time. To get a whole story, or show a small piece of a character's life in that time period is difficult. Therefore, they give viewers a speed through to intrigue them into watching more. It's engaging and doesn't take a lot of time. Therefore, game time goes faster to save America from wasting too much time.