Game vs story

In this weeks readings, the topic of a video game narrative vs a story narrative was talked about. In the "Cyberdrama" readings, an essay by Janat Murray discusses the relationships between games and stories, and questions which came first, the game or the story? In a specific paragraph of her essay on page 8, Murray describes the significance to the similarity between games and stories. "The stories we tell reflect and determine how we think about ourselves and one another. A new medium of expression allows us to tell stories we could not tell before, to retell the age old stories in new ways, to imagine ourselves as creatures of a parameterized world of multiple possiblities, to understand ourselves as authors of rule systems which drive behabvior and shape our possibilties" (Murray 8).
This quote is significant because it drives at the main point of why in so many ways, it is so naturally human to be attracted to/immersed in the world of video games, and instead of looking at video games as their own entity formed in the technology of the 21st century, really they are just the next level of evolution for storytelling and gaming. Through our imaginary virtual worlds, we are expressing an attempt to process our outside world, through the eyes a differnt person (a video game character is just like a character in a novel). Video gaming is just a more immersive way to tell a story, and it allows for a more dynamic means of telling it. As Murray points out, it is a new medium of expression that allows us to tell stories we could not not tell before because we didnt have the same technology available today.
I think this quote proves that although some people are more immersed in the world of video games than others, the attraction to video games is actually human nature, and we use these video games as an outlet to experience life from a different perspective, live out a fantasy, or have an alternate identity. Stories in general are such a pertinent part of the human experience, and I am interested to see the forms stories take in the future, perhaps we will figure out a way to immerse ourselves totally into virtual reality, like those virtual reality headsets that one always sees in science fiction movies, where the user has a complete body and mind immersement in the story.

I agree that video games are another outlet of expression. Whereas before games focused more on entertainment, they have branched off into teaching and informing game players about social issues, consumer products, etc. The possibilities for games are many. It really depends on the extent of human creativity. Maybe in the future we will find a way to totally immerse ourselves into virtual reality. We already have partially done that through cyberspace, but do you think it is a good idea for us to be totally immersed?

There are pros and cons to both sides of the virtual reality life argument. On the plus side, people can live the life they want to, and presumably be happy. On the other hand, it isn't real. For some people the knowledge of this is a problem, but for some it isn't. Also there is the problem of sustainability. Can we live in a completely virtual world and yet at the same time take care of our physical bodies?

I actually don't think that it is human nature to want an 'escape' such as video games. Human nature entails becoming easily distracted. While this is a problem< I dont think video games can help us in any far as I see it, video games only take a way from our chances of enjoying real life. We will always be distracted, we just need to understand this and find ways in which to remain more focussed and present in what we are doing.