Video Game Genres

Our class discussions last week have led me to think of how in general we think about games. While the authors in the selected readings were very good about using specific games when referencing trends in video games, from what I experienced in the class discussions it is hard to make general arguments about video games. That is why I feel that when we speak of video games, we must also speak of the genre at the same time. Thus, when speaking of a specific genre of video games, the conclusions based on the observations that one makes are typically true and in a sense irrefutable. The narrative in a role playing game (RPG) or action/adventure game is essential to the genre because that is partly what defines the genre. The lack of a narrative in massively multiplayer online multiplayer games (MMORPG) is almost essential because the interaction of the players with each other is more important than the interactions of the players with the non-player characters (NPCs) or game environment. So when one encounters a game that has both elements of a strong narrative and players interacting with each other, it is not an exception but a combination of genres.

I know that this post of short, but I feel that when you put video games in this context, the discussion about them gets very short.