world of war craft

In my intro to MS class we were talking about World of War Craft and how a guy committed suicide b/c he asked a girl to marry him on the game and she said no. hmmm i feel like there are starting to be more cases of suicide in general from online interactions that don't go well. what does this say for virtual reality? Nobody knows what persona people decide to take on while online, i guess i am suprised that people can find this attachment and think to ask someone to marry them when they have never met them in real life. i feel like in this case and maybe others that people don't view and act/ make decisions in the virtual world that they would in actual reality. But i feel that some aspects of reality should be taken into the virtual world. in some cases i feel like people do bring reality law into the virtual, an example of this would be the second life scandal that resulted in the creators telling the players to make a government. i think that considerations need to be taken on how virtual reality is affecting reasoning and the increasing blurring of how people like their like in the real and virtual world.