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The discussion we had on the 'Women and Children first' article really allowed me to understand many societal issues that I was previously oblivious to. In Jamaica feminism and gender issues are not as prevalent as in the States mainly because there are hardly any feminists or women fighting out against male dominance. Gender issues are not as big of a concern mainly because there are so many bigger national issues that we have to fight such as poverty-affecting all, that concerns like these are easily overlooked(our last Prime Minister was female). There are less racist taboos and societal expectations mainly because there is not such a wide variety of people present.
So when I hear of online based communities where people are able to created their own self image and act the way they would idealize themselves to be...it's strikes me as very interesting...because why would someone want to have another identity int he first place?
We discussed that people(on the internet) are now able to express their childlike personalities and be who they want to be. It is very sad that in modern society these people have to cover up and actually play a character, who deep down inside, they are actually not.
In the US race and gender plays an intrinsic role in nearly everything one does. In Laura Miller's essay she states ' in cyberspace "the gender gap is real" begins to seem less objective that defensive, an insistence that on-line culture is the same as real life'. The inequalities experienced in real life are the same as those experienced online. How then can these gender and race issues be solved? I feel like these are questions that have been repeatedly asked and will not find a specific answer anytime in the near future.