cyberspace rape

A rape in cyberspace is a good example of how far the internet has revolutionized our machine lives. The MUD website acts as a spatial community except that it does not physically exist. Many people who are a part of the game take this cyberspace way too seriously and it is very tragic to hear of Kathy's unfortunate experience.
However I feel like spaces or online communities such as these are far from real even considering all aspects such as the large extent to which emotions are expressed on the site. The members of the community are not governed by the laws of regular society and therefore a situation like this should not have even reached to such an extreme catastrophe.
Everything on the site seems another world. Dibbel talks of the offender as if he actually exists. "It was almost a relief therefore when midway through the evening Mr Bungle himself, the living, breathing cause of all this talk teleported into the room"
I find it very interesting to note the language and context in which the members of the site describe the cyberspace. They go to very far extents in vivifying everything on the site to seem like reality when in fact it is not. I feel that websites such as these are very poor excuses for social interaction and the whole thing just seems extremely bizarre to me.