New Proposal

The fact that people are creating these alter-ego people to be online is really no surprise considering our society today.

Our society today, asks for a certain body type as well as personality in order to "fit in." Simply by analyzing our magazines and TV shows and movies this type of person is revealed. For girls this means, skinny, fit, tan, and longish hair. For guys this means suave, dark hair, tale, tan, masculine etc.

A perfect example of the outcome and backlash of this is Second Life. One just has to look around to understand that everyone looks very similar. And it is this image of perfection that simply cannot be achieved in real life which is forcing people to seek it in dimensions which allow for it- i.e. the internet.

I want to do a study and analysis of this culture of droids being created as we speak. I would like to look at the main pop culture magazine People and a popular TV show Gossip Girl in order to analyze the site Second Life, as well as the outcome this may have on our society. I want to do a creative aspect as well to this and this will probably be in the form of a website-that would show what our society is dictating us to conform to, through the use of pictures most likely. There are so many in class sources as well as outside sources that i could use. And the whole process would also require me to create a Second Life in order to fully analyze it.

Please leave comments of further ideas!

I think you are off to a good start. I like the idea, but I'm just a bit confused what the main "thesis" is. Is it something along the lines that not everyone has the appearance society trains us to think is beautiful in real life so they create digital alter egos in the image that media portrays as beautiful?

I'm curious about the same thing Towelie asks about -- what's your goal for this project? Where do you think the analysis will take you? I'm assuming that this is the critical option -- are there particular texts from class that you see being potentially helpful for this project, or have you done some research into the creation of avatars that you've found interesting? You might take a look at Michele White's book, The Body and the Screen, which has a chapter on avatar-creation websites...

Thank you for pointing out the lack of a thesis in my first proposal. It certainly was quite a draft. I have now come to this new thesis, using some of the ideas that you recommended to me.

'In American society today not everyone has the conformed appearance society dictates us to think is beautiful, so instead, people feel the need to create digital alter egos in the image that media portrays as beautiful in order to feel accepted and beautiful. '

This would take me into a societal look at the media and how it creates this uniform "guide" on how to look and the effect that it is having on the digital realm.

This would actually be a creative project because i want to create a website that basically would consist of society's image of perfection. And this way, it would help to show and strengthen my paper would it would then have a visual side to it.

Very interesting proposal. I'm curious what you're going to do with the 2nd Life character you plan to create. One possible route to go down would be to explore using an "imperfect" 2nd life character to see what kinds of reactions you draw. Assuming you recieve negative responses to your online "identity", it would be interesting to try to decipher whether people are rejecting the online identity at face value, or rejecting the non-conformity of choosing an "imperfect" character. What would happen if you challenged people on their online identity as the embodiment of what is considered perfection? Your project sounds awesome and best of luck!