term proposal - Reggae&YouTube

Reggae music is a phenomenon that managed to emerge out of Jamaica in the early 1930's. The content of the music expresses the daily struggle of people forced by the government to live in extreme poverty and also strongly echoes the backlashes of slavery, affecting us people in the Caribbean. It is now considered a universal language that brings people together, breaking down all cultural barriers and creating a form of brotherhood among nations.

However Reggae is a considerably new industry, seen as the first Jamaican recording studio was only developed in the early fifties. Now the music is undergoing an enormous evolution. With current global marketing tools such as the internet, people from all over have the chance to be exposed, understand and in some cases have allowed many Jamaican artists to get a 'buss' - a term used to signify a big career break. Many foreign professional directors, producers and artists are now being able to first hand experience what the music and culture has to offer through innovations such as YouTube. YouTube is one of the major resources that took the world by surprise in 2005 making all this possible.

In my project I would like to explore the transformations and changes which YouTube has brought to the Reggae Industry. A quote taken from Wikipedia states "In January 2008 alone, nearly 79 million users watched over 3 billion videos on YouTube". This system of video sharing and blogging is unlike anything that the world has been exposed to before. YouTube impacts Reggae by raising the bars, not only by broadcasting to all 24/7, but by increasing the quality of the music as the competition among artists opens up much more. No longer is a rising star held back due to a lack of record deals, managers and producers like a couple years ago. Now people are able to 'broadcast themselves' as YouTube allows you to do your own advertising and marketing and make connections with professionals in the global community.

Your comments and ideas are greatly appreciated...

seems like a good project. You could probably use the reading on The Long tail for more analysis too.

I really like the specificity of your subject, and think this will provide the foundation for a really great project. My questions mostly revolve around methodology -- how will you build this project? What will it look like? How will you present your ideas to a reader? I'm looking forward to seeing how the formal end of your thinking about this project develops!

thanks for the comment..I was thinking about the long tail but I'm not sure in what ways I could relate it to the success of artists