My term project will be a study of how information and art come to be mediated, and what constitutes their mediated forms. I would like to explore mediated space specifically online and how conversations and interactions are formed. I will draw on Baudrillard, Borges, Landow, Aarseth, and hopefully some outside sources that I am looking into such as Walter Benjamin. I would like my project to integrate a critical paper with a creative form indicative of the new media aspects that I explore. If this project sounds vague and infirm, it is, but that is because the topics we have discussed so far are still forming a cohesive web of connections with which I can work. Overall I would like my project topic to center upon the metaphor/media of the website and its relation to both user and creator.

I think your project sounds interesting. I am wondering how you would go about doing this creatively, perhaps by creating a website yourself, a bit of a self reflexsive website at that, that can portray the different aspects of a website as it is interacting with the user while providing an example of these ideas as the website itself.

It sounds like in interesting proposal. It seems really abstract right now though, in both what you will be writing about and how you will be presenting it. I hope it materializes more.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. As shimla notes, the idea is a bit abstract as yet, but I find the potential here compelling -- these are engaging ideas, and I can imagine a site that brings them together in a really interesting way. I'll look forward to seeing how your thinking develops...

I agree. Right now the plan is not so material. Besides that, the dream images I have of my website seem impossibly out of my capabilities as a programmer. However, a good amount of hypertext will obviously be necessary. I would like to be able to physically represent the idea of strife and rift within the text itself as it appears to the viewer. I also like the idea of links to varying parts of the paper which are chosen according to the reader's interest.