Term Project Proposal

For my project, I would like to experiment and research the evolution of advertisements online. I will do this in through two things. First will be a creative form of research which will require some help from my fellow classmates in a form of a survey. I am still trying to develop ways on orgainizing this survey online, and hopefully will figure it out soon.

The other part of my project will be in a form of a website, explaining my findings on the advertising aspects of the internet. I will attempt to analyze, changes in forms of advertising, places, and effectiveness (the last may be a little hard).

I may also try to make my own advertisements and see how people may or may not find my website through this. I will try to place ads on youtube, various forums, and facebook. Curiousity SHOULD prove a factor in this. Unfortunately, I can't count the difference in amount of clicks from each website I advertise on unless I use seperate domains, so somehow I must find a way around that.

All in all, I'm interested in the commercial aspects as a prospective economic/media-studies major. I enjoy learning about commercial marketing and advertising as much as I love learning how the market works. Therefore, I hope this project will allow me to have a good time and learn a lot more about how firms and individuals use the internet to popularize their products etc.

Instead of making a website that is lead by links, I thought it would be easier to analyze the effectiveness of ads through a series of surveys. Although I would like to conduct this class exclusively, I want a more open feedback from people and will hand surveys outside of class as well. Effectiveness will be measured in 3 ways.

1st is by analyzing the number of people who choose a certain type of ad as the most effective.

2nd is by analyzing how much a person remembers an ad. or how much of an ad a person will remember. This will be done by a short 3-5 question quiz after showing an ad.

3rd is by showing different people different types of ads that introduce the same project. Then ask questions on whether or not the person would buy the product. May add more questions to this...

The website will be a standard website. I will upload a drawing of an outline later. It will bascially consist of a main page with a ton of "advertisements" that link to other pages with information on the type of advertisement that the person clicked on. I'd like to measure the number of views to each website with a view counter of some sort. Hopefully I can get things working properly.

The biggest challenge in this project will be working on the advertisements itself. Video, graphic, animation are just some types of advertisements I will attempt to work with hopefully succeeding not to suck too much.

I think this is a great idea, especially because you can bring into how absurd and overbearing advertising on websites can be, now on certain websites a user uncontrollably is bombarded with distracting noise or a girl telling them they have one something. Also those fake advertisments are everywhere, exclaiming that the website user is the lucky visitor who has one something for free, or websites have advertisements that lure the viewer into clicking on the ad (a link to their actual website) by making an interactive game that is hard to resist.

Good idea; i think it'd definitely be cool to see which advertisements are most successful, and I'm sure there's probably psychology papers on that subject too.

I like the idea of a project focused on internet advertising; I think I'd like to know a bit more at this point, though, about how you intend to go about this project. What will the survey explore? What do you hope it will demonstrate? How will you place the ads you mention? What kind of outcome would you like? I'll look forward to seeing how this develops...

It seems like we are both interested in the construction and effectiveness of advertisements. I'm thinking of focusing my project on food advertising, but it seems like you're looking at the broader aspect. I like your idea of posting your ads on different broadcasting sites. Maybe each ad could be on a different type of product (i.e. food, toys, clothing...) and you could compare which ones viewers are more curious to watch. Another idea is to promote the same product but use various advertising strategies. You could use this method to analyze which strategies are most effective in gaining viewers. I am interested to see how your project develops, since my project explores online advertising too.

I think this is a very interesting idea but I do see a bit of concern in how you may interpret the results of the surveys. Most, if not all, of us in class will never be fooled by ads that say we have won something for being the #### visitor. However, this ads are still very prevalent on websites everywhere. So how do these ads succeed? This may be hard to incorporate, but seeing how older/younger people react to ads may help you paint an overall clearer picture. Also keep in mind that someone taking a survey will be paying more attention to the ad because the survey is about the ad. I personally won't notice an ad on a website at all, even if it is brightly flashing various colors at me.