Term project proposal

For my term project, I would like to do something that is more creative as opposed to an analytical paper. However, I am not quite sure what that is. I definitely want to further research virtual reality websites such as second life and our society's obsession with escaping real life for role playing, as if that is somehow better. I can definitely see the immense attraction to a website like second life, and the ability to be whoever you want in an online fantasy, all the whil having the ability to socialize, which gives the game even more authenticity. However, I am not sure exactly how to translate this idea into a creative project, I would be interested in making a video of some kind but I am not quite sure how to go about it. If I can't come up with something, I will have to resort to writing a boring paper that analyzes the game and all the problems that go along with it!

I am also thinking about continuing my midterm project which analyzed not only dating websites, but the social networking website phenomenon, perhaps doing something creative with that, maybe an experiment of sorts.

I'm glad you want to do the creative project -- the trick is, of course, to figure out what you want to make. Do you have a story you want to tell, or an artistic problem you want to explore? What I'd like for you to do is brainstorm what matters to you, what kind of story or interactive experience you want to create, and how the digital technologies we've been exploring might help you create it. Roam around, and look at the ways that artists and writers are using the internet as a form of creative expression, and think about what you might want to do, and why. I'm very open to whatever ideas you have, but I'd really like to see something a good bit more concrete than this.

Maybe you could focus on one virtual reality site where you get an account and talk to people and after whatever amount of time you ask them what they think you look like. I hope this doesn't sound creepy. it just might be intersting to see what people might think/suppose about you. You could also only allow yourself to talk to people in one persona such as seeming flirtatious and see what people think you look like. To take this further, you could adopt a few personalities and see if there is any correlation between personality and what people think you really look like. This is all under the assumption that whatever your virtual reality character looks like does not actually look like you. So that they have to guess and have no hints.

i was actually thinking about doing my project on something like second life as well and trying to figure out what compels people so much to these communities. I think that you could explore ways in which people act contrary to how they actually are and explore as the previous commenter said the ability and reasons to switch identities in the game

This sounds intriguing. The world of online dating in particular is full of topics seeing as while there is that fantasy world in which the parties are introduced, for the relationship to be successful they both must leave it, and interact in the real world. Second Life kind of lacks that predestined exposure, but by that token is possibly even more prone to complete self reinvention and delusion.