Final Project Propo

I am interested in exploring how and why people use Facebook. I have decided to focus on this topic because I find that how people represent themselves on the internet is at times inappropriate, out of character and too public in regards to what can be considered private and public. Due to the interesting portrayals that I find on Facebook, I would like to find out specifically why people utilize certain aspects of this social networking site.

I am especially interested in how people use the privacy settings on Facebook. I plan to conduct interviews with students. I'd like to have students tell me why they use Facebook, why they have added certain applications, what purpose do these sites serve for them, do they give fair representations of themselves, why they may not have a Facebook, how they may use this social networking site as a mode of expression, why this social networking site is so appealing and so on. I want to do the interviews because I want to find out generally what other people think of Facebook and how they use it.

From the information that I gather I would like to compare what say a students Facebook is like and how this may have a correlation with how he or she utilizes the privacy settings on his of her Facebook.

The creative aspect of my project will be a parody of Facebook. I would like to make my own upgraded Facebook application that can calculate the amount of time that a student is on Facebook a day, a week, month and year, where a student is at any given moment, what the student is thinking all the time, what the student is doing and so on. I am trying to play off of the fact that there are people that are obsessed with Facebook and cannot live without it in a sense. Thus, I want to make an application that would seem to expose everything about a student and just how caught up they may be in Facebook. In order to make a fake application I am going to try to see if I can make a small website that would be in the format of an actual Facebook page but change the layout to the profile page being just the application and all of its calculations about someone. The page will be considered public information. I am going to also try to film some of my interviews so that I can make a link on the videos application to some interviews. I am going to try to make the website interactive in the sense that for example, I'd like to have a link that goes to a page with a moving dot which represents the student and his/her exact location. Also, for the amount of hours that someone is on Facebook I'd like to have a counter that is constantly calculating.

This sounds like a fun and important project, with a well thought-through proposal. Do you have a sense of how you'll go about developing this parody site? I'll look forward to seeing more...