so my tentaive porject proposal is to make a video( that would be posted on a website) analyzing this whole idea of "identity" online and how that relates to race and or gender.

This is a potentially interesting area of focus, but really not at all sufficient as a proposal (which, as the assignment noted, should be in the 250-500 word range!). Please elaborate on this so that I can give you some feedback... What's in the video? How does it explore "identity" and issues of race/gender online? More, please!

well ive done some thinking and i almost feel the best way would be to look at race and gender online in comparison to how we see it in real life. posing questions like "does it really matter if you are male or female online" or are " guys who play women on line really cross dressing or just having fun", the idea of cybertypes, race and online users and some where alone the line i almost want to bring up people who identify as gender queer and if that queerness effects their perception of the interenet- does it become a utopia for people who dont nessesarilly "fit in" to every day life. i feel like the video itself would be interviews that were taken , online or in person along with commentary provided by me just to kind of see where i could take things