A cyborg manifesto and feminism

A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway was certainly a very weird text.

"The cyborg is a matter of fiction and lived experience that changes what counts as women's experience in the late twentieth century."

What i understood from this is that the machine is this masculine device which is developing and being quite prominent in the twentieth century, however, with this growth lies the end of the "women's experience" because women are no longer needed for reproduction. Machines, cyborgs in this instance, can duplicate without love or sex. They are fundamentally missing the circle of life.

In order to prove my point earlier about these machines being considered masculine i looked later in her text when Haraway is separating machines and humans. She says that "they could not achieve man's dream, only mock it...-only a caricature of that masculinist reproductive dream." This brings us back to the creepy concept that machines are the bodied masculinist forcing women away because they are no longer needed for reproduction.

This is certainly a stretch in my opinion for in no way do i, a woman in the twentieth century, feel that machines defeminize me. I still feel the need to love and live life even though machines are a large part of my life today. Granted she was writing ahead of her time but i think Haraway took this feminist idea a step too far in the direction of just sort of weird. Although i do understand her point and it is an interesting idea, it is simply not what is happening today.