In this weeks reading, we discussed the chapter out of the book Remediation : understanding New Media by Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin. This chapter disucusses the most key elements of new media which are immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediation. These concepts represent the immersment of the user in their selected form of media. I find it interesting that these words represent the furthering of immersment within a selected medium.

Immediacy, the element of media that makes it so the media itself is no longer apparent to the user, that they are so completely immersed in the computer screen or the television or computer game, that they no longer feel a separation between real life and the form of media they are using. I think this is interesting because I believe this to be incredibly common. Especially with new, innovative and portable forms of media such as the iphone or other cell phones that allow you to access all forms of media (tv, music, the web), people are increasingly tuning out the real world surrounding them and becoming completely immersed in this unreal world known as the media. It's almost that real life is no longer satisfying in todays society, thats why there are portable video games like Gameboys, or cell phones with games and internet access, just encouraging the user to enter their instant gratification, quick moving and always entertaining media world. This concept transcends into even more extreme forms of immediacy, such as the popular virtual internet game "second life," which creates a completely imaginary life that the user creates online. This game I believe is the ultimate form of immediacy, because it plunges that user so far into the game that it completely takes the place of actually living life itself, and living life THROUGH the media.

In hypermediacy, the user is immersed in two parts of media at the same time, such as multiple windows up while surfing the web, or watching two television channels at the same time using the television window option on the remote. Another example of this shows how often we really are immersed in our hypermediacy, like watching TV and surfing the web at the same time while listening to music.

These ideas are concepts that are very specific to our society in this day and age, it seems to be what innovative technology and companies strive for when creating new products or improving computer games or computers.

One example of a new form of technology that completely represents a new form of immediacy is the video system called the Wii, which involves the user in the game more by using a stick that gamer can use instead of a controller, the stick is designed so the user can be fully involved in the game, like a sport game, by actually doing the actions physically that the sport reqiuires, whether it is working on a forward and back swing in tennis or golf, or bowling. The stick also vibrates at certain points during the use of the game, another "virutal reality" aspct of the game, trying to recreate a sport in virtual reality the best it can.