reading response 6

The two essays by McLuhan had every body kind of lost as to what he was saying, especially due to his unique and 'radical' approach. In 'The Galaxy reconfigured' McLuhan viewed new technologies as mere extensions of our physical abilities. He strongly felt that by blindly accepting new and innovative technologies we would consequently have our society become reliant on these advancements in order to function.
In this aspect, the author did not seem too far off from the truth. For example innovations such as cell phones and computers which we 'blindly' accepted a few years ago are now the central focus of many people's day to day lives and affairs.
He makes the claim that such technologies are directly aimed to single in on a specific one of our senses and fully override it. Therefore it is the people who allow their senses to get accustomed and dependent on the machines, who are targeted as the 'consumer who is also the producer'- Joyce.WAKE.
In the other essay where he demonstrates the importance of the media versus the content, the media is there for us to mold and make useful to us...and not the opposite way around. I agree strongly with him here as everything is done in a response to something else. Like in his example where electricity is nothing if its not being used for something purposeful.