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wad up ppl....you guys can check out my project on Myspace/Reggae here: www.cgrenaissance.com/ReggaEvolution.html


Be a part of Pangea day- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl3xHIsvF9o
Here's a big idea: Pangea Day plans to use the power of film to bring the world a little closer together. We're divided by borders, race, religion, conflict... but most of all by misunderstanding and mistrust. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that -- to help people see themselves in others -- through the power of film.

reading response 11

Muuray and the other 'game writers' discuss topics that draw stark corelations between human desires in games and in reality. What I found really interesting was the roll of story to game or game to story in video games. Which one is more reliant on the other is a very hard decision to make. In general, all video game consist of are attempts to re-construct reality, except on a computer screen.



Brian Greene, leading proponent of the unifying, all encompassing string theory, gives a detailed and comprehensive synopsis of how the universe is constructed based on energy and strings..very similar to traditional Buddhist ideologies.

readind response 12

I really enjoyed reading Convergence Culture mainly because it addressed very current and revolutionary changes in human cultures. A complete convergence of all media forms and the release of TV/ increased use of internet, really demonstrates this process in a clear and direct manner. One thing that really struck me in the introduction was on page 18 where Jenkins mentioned the dilemma in the Entertainment industry occurring between the monopolizing power of the media companies and the power of technological advancements.



Any one interested in lunar ice...even if your not this vid is still worth a watch...this guy Bill Stone is building a robot with intent to plunge through the underworld of Europa-Jupiter's moon to discover what life forms really exist in there.

reading response 10

Avital makes some very interesting points in her essay, all of which are very hard to draw into one solid point. One of these ideas which I found very intriguing was her parallel between characteristics lent to the female body such as death, life, despair and how she saw a connection between the Gulf War. This connection was mainly apparent to the conditions of the war. Maybe she considered it to be female like because it was a very unfair war..where Iraq was taken advantage of or maybe she was alluding it to the general public there who suffered: desparate children and mothers.

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The discussion we had on the 'Women and Children first' article really allowed me to understand many societal issues that I was previously oblivious to. In Jamaica feminism and gender issues are not as prevalent as in the States mainly because there are hardly any feminists or women fighting out against male dominance. Gender issues are not as big of a concern mainly because there are so many bigger national issues that we have to fight such as poverty-affecting all, that concerns like these are easily overlooked(our last Prime Minister was female).

cyberspace rape

A rape in cyberspace is a good example of how far the internet has revolutionized our machine lives. The MUD website acts as a spatial community except that it does not physically exist. Many people who are a part of the game take this cyberspace way too seriously and it is very tragic to hear of Kathy's unfortunate experience.



Ted talk is a really fascinating site my friend referred me to. It has a bunch of presentations on current scientific discoveries by scientists and researchers of all sorts.
This is a really cool video that introduces the new worldwide telescope...

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