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Convergence Culture

In the introduction to his book, Convergence Culture, Henry Jenkins discusses the direction in which he feels media are moving. Recently there has been an increased focus on what he calls convergence of media, the bringing together of multiple services on one device. Convergence accelerates 'the flow of media content across delivery channels' (CC, 18) allowing companies to expand their market. Corporations are not the only groups affecting this shift in media culture. Consumers are, according to Jenkins, actively involved in what they receiving.


I was talking with some friends last weekend about polaroids. Apparently they are being discontinued to encourage digital photography as the main media for accessing instant photos. My one friend, in particular, was concerned about how this would affect our documentation. There is something about holding a photo developed from film that is really special to me and my friends now. We all love polaroids and that element of surprise that comes out of watching the photo appear. It's even more fun to go to the store and pick up photos developed from a disposable or roll of film.

New and Different Community

In his article, The Virtual Community, Harold Rheingold discusses the number of ways in which the interconnections he's established through a virtual community has affected his real life. Rheingold holds the opinion that the interactions that occur virtually have implications no less real than the ones people have regularly in face to face situations. This is because of our emotional and intellectual stock in this world as well as the fact that one could potentially meet someone in person whom they had originally met online.

Tyra= Ridiculous


This video is really funny because Tyra goes crazy over VASELIIIIIIIINE. So exciting. It also makes me think, though, about how youtube posting infringes on television rights. Is there any way to really regulate this? While this clip of Tyra's oh so amazing talk show isn't worth much in the eyes of the common person, it still belongs to fox. We've probably already brought this issue up but I'm curious to know if anyone has more knowledge on it.

p.s. I'm pretty sure it's not a joke.

The Trouble with Gender

In her piece 'Women and Children First' Laura Miller discusses the reasons for which considering digital media a new frontier represents gender on the internet incorrectly. Frontier evokes images of strong males exploring an unknown territory accompanied by the weaker, dependent, women and children. True, the demographics show that the internet population is dominated by males but our definition of male and female as it applies to the physical world is very much broken down, according to Miller.

Media and Memory


Thursday's lecture focused on the effect of media attention on the way in which the public remembers historical events. She focused specifically on how the civil rights movement is conceptualized in American society, and how this reflects media influence.

The Amazon is undoubtedly a great resource in that it makes available information on a seemingly limitless number of products close to instantaneously. A physical store could not practically match the volume of inventory that Amazon provides from sources globally.

What's more real about it?

As a society we've created so much hype around the virtual world and the negative implications of our involvement in and fixation with this world. The advancement of computer technology is especially frightening for the older generation, according to Sherry Turkle, a generation unwilling to bend it's concept of what life really is.

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McLuhan argues that it is not the medium but our access to medium that is important as a point to analyze and experience new media. What is so revolutionary is not the media itself but just the fact that people can widely use a given form of digital media. I think more compelling than this recent availability which unquestionably has changed the way people experience the world is that we want this access.

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