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Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation

I found several interesting points within Jay Bolter and and Richard Grusin's article "Remediation - Understanding New Media." In the introduction, bolter and Grusin explain the difference between Immediacy and Hypermediacy, and how these two concepts have contributed to the evolution of digital media. Bolter and Grusin argue that there is a slight paradox in digital media, in which the development of digital media has focused on increasing both immediacy and hypermediacy.

Constituents of a Theory of the Media

In this week's reading response, I would like to respond to Hans Enzensberger's abstractly-titled essay, "Constituents of a Theory of the Media." In particular, I found the fourth, fifth---- sections of his essay to be of interest. In the fourth section - Cultural Archaism in the Left Critique - I was struck by how the societal conceptions of media have changed over time.

MS 51 Midterm Proposal


For my midterm project, I plan on providing an in-depth analysis of the New York Times website ( This particular digital text is of interest to me since online news sources appear to be significantly changing the structure of the mass-media news sources. I plan to examine this online news website in terms of how it offers a much more personalized and interactive experience than a printed newspaper.

The Beauty of the Internet


The beauty of the internet lies in the power of information. Instead of being stuck with your local newspaper, we have the ability to read online newspapers from all different qualities, ideological viewpoints and geographical locations. However, the onus is on us to keep up-to-date on world events and to comb through the wide range of specialized online news sources.

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