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my adventure game!


Hey guys, here is my adventure game, for anyone who is interested.

To play the game, you will need to download Inform, which you can get here:

download the right version of inform, unzip the attached file, then open the file with inform. To play the game, hit "go" in the top left. I recommend resizing the left window so that you can't see it. The rest of the instructions are within the game. Let me know what you think.




how do stupid videos like this get 80000 views in a day?

TV, future, and more!

Since the suggested readings for this week were very random and scattered, my reading response is going to be random and scattered as well. To start it off, I would like to discuss the article by Kevin Sites called "Gadgets and Gadflies". In his article, he writes that Tim Robbins said that he 'decried today's news and entertainment content as driven by a "pornographic obsession with celebrity culture.'" (;_ylt=AvYnR3...).

facebook in real life


an interesting little clip about what facebook interactions would be like in the real world.

online communities

In Henry Jenkins' Convergence Culture, he discusses how new and old forms of media are interacting and coming together. He spends a good deal of time talking about collective intelligence, which he defines as the "ability of groups of virtual communities to leverage the combined expertise of their members" (page 27).

video game testers


anyone want to test out my text-based adventure game? It still needs a little work but its functional. If you want to, let me know and I can send you my file (its not on a website).

Game Spaces

I did my class facilitation on the game theories article, but I didn't really get a chace to say everything I wanted to about my thoughts on it, so I will expand on the ideas we touched on in class here.

The Internet is a series of tubes

In "The Strength of Internet Ties", Pew Internet makes some very interesting points about the effect that the Internet has on our social lives. Many of their arguments go against popular beliefs, but I believe that for the most part their points are valid and firmly backed.

A home for John Teen and friends

In Steve Silberman's "We're Teen, We're Queer, and We've Got E-Mail", he discusses the ways in which the web fosters a community for gays. He makes very good points about the origins of the communities online and the ways in which they are helpful to members. I believe, though, that Silberman's points can be expanded to a whole slew of other groups of people.

april fool's


If you guys have some time today, you should head over to google and youtube. google made a really extensive (and pretty funny) april fools thing, and youtube's is just hilarious. if you dont notice anything at youtube, try checking out the featured videos.

if anyone else finds any funny april fool's pranks, I would love to hear about them

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