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In class we discussed our opinions on commercials and what is the future for commercials. I think that this is a very important and interesting question. All in all, I feel that corporations will do anything that they can in order to make money. However, it is difficult to try to figure out how they can remain when we have inventions such as TIVO. My personal opinion of commercials is that they are too long, repetitive and just poorly done or thought out. The commercials on abc are in some ways better, they are quicker and some are kind of funny.

Convergence Culture

Jenkins stated that "circulation depends on consumers active participation" and later, "consumers need to seek out new information to make new connections." Today, there are starting to be many examples of consumers actively participating in reality shows and dramas. Lost is a good example of consumer participation even outside of fan based culture. Yes, there are plenty of fans who live to figure out Lost with the help of their "online communities", but beyond that I feel that we as consumers are right where the producers want us to be. We are sucked in to Lost.

world of war craft

In my intro to MS class we were talking about World of War Craft and how a guy committed suicide b/c he asked a girl to marry him on the game and she said no. hmmm i feel like there are starting to be more cases of suicide in general from online interactions that don't go well. what does this say for virtual reality?


Mateas brought up characters needing to be "believable enough so that the participant cares about them (Cyberdrama)." This was a statement in regards to the game The Sims. I found this interesting because this point is similar to issues of virtual reality, emotional bonds, and this unreal world that people want to experience. It is only realistic that one would need to care for a Sims character to want to advance his/her character in the game however, I would ask what is it and how is it that we do care for these characters?



i think its interesting to consider what our facebook accounts will be to us in the future. someone in class mentioned that they would like to keep their facebook and then look back on it in the future. i thought about this and realized that looking back on old phos on the internet would be like looking at a scrapbook but on the internet. this seemed somewhat scary to me b/c it would be a public scrapbook online. It also just shows how much things have evolved and how technology has changed what is private and public.

The Strength of Internet Ties

Despite the fact that The Strength of Internet Ties was somewhat outdated and did give conclusions that were not surprising, it was interesting and important to actually address the impact of social networking sites and email on how people communicate these days. I would agree with the conclusions that these new digital media outlets have not actually affected how much we keep in contact with cores ties and significant ties. It was interesting to see results when this has been a debate that has gone on through much of my life.


The example that Nakamura gives about the dog on the internet: "on the internet, nobody knows that you're a dog; it is possible to "computer crossdress" I see as being an issue that is both positive and negative in regards to identity and the internet. In class on Wednesday we addressed if race can be excluded while on the internet or seen as an impossible issue to overcome on the internet. I do feel that in reality this is a very complicated issue to explore.

Who am We

Turkle makes note of the issue of how children percieve the idea of inanimate objects having a personality. I think that it is significant when she states and addresses the fact that the issue of aliveness has disappeared in a sense she states, " the issue of aliveness has moved in to the background as though it is settled (239)". It is important that addreses this very important issue. I also think it goes along with many of the authors that we have read this semester and goes to reiterate many of the worries that people have had in the past with advancing technology.


I feel that the issue with rape online, the ordeal with the student from NYU and online chat room visual reality is all very complex. In class I did point out that I felt that the woman was definitely violated. While I do strongly believe this I do also think that whole situation was messed up on way too many levels. Dibbell not only exposed the reality of violation online but also the personal community that people seek either for purposes of social interaction, virtual sex or a place where anybody can be free to act as they would like obviously within reason.

Final Project Propo

I am interested in exploring how and why people use Facebook. I have decided to focus on this topic because I find that how people represent themselves on the internet is at times inappropriate, out of character and too public in regards to what can be considered private and public. Due to the interesting portrayals that I find on Facebook, I would like to find out specifically why people utilize certain aspects of this social networking site.

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