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convergence culture

in convergence culture, Jenkins talks about the merging of different technologies in todays world. one of the things that he brings up in the introduction are cell phones and and their evolution. in the beginning a cell phone was so huge it had to be awkwardly put into a purse or briefcase. now they are so small that they can fit into the tiny pocket of your jeans. but size is not the only thing that has changed. The new demand for the ability to communicate to people from anyplace has led to cell phones having internet use.

Video games and our relationship to them

In this weeks reading we talked about our relationship too them.i personally feel that even though we as gamers enjoy picking our characters, there is no deep rooted relationship formed between gamer and created character.


alright so just as a fun little breaks from out final project work, ithought id link you all to a short video i made, my senior year in high school. Granted its all in japanese( it was a class final project) but its pretty dumb and chock full of "bad" editing tricks and random music. so enjoy!
The Movie!

Virtual goodness

This weeks reading were all about the formation and existence of online communities and how they affect real life.


so we've talking about virtual communities and what not so in the sprit of that there is this pretty awesome video on youtube my mc lars. I Generation Glorious Isnt it!!

random theatre kid goodness


many people have told me that they can't get tix to see zoot suit, but never fear for i has a solution ( and a cheezeburger). If you go to the box office at seaver theatre( on the corner of colombia and bonita) at about 710( 20 min before the house open) and put your name on the waiting list, there is a strong chance you will get a ticket. Alot of Schools and groups bought large quantities of tickets and not everyone shows up, so there are tickets left over. so go see this play, cuz its pretty awesome

so you really arent a human?

this weeks readings had to deal with the idea of online identity. the quote that Nakamura gives in the beginning of her article " ON the internet nobody knows you're a dog" sums up the weeks readings in its entirety.
The article by Steve silberman illustrated the"happy go lucky" aspect of the internet. For John 0, a gay teen, it gave him an escape for the world around him to a place where people didn't judge him because he was different. I feel luike this is one of the reasons the internet was created- to give people a place to relate to each other regardless of their physical location.

Online crossdressing or seeing how the other half lives?

In this weeks reading " Who Am We" Turkle brings up the idea of not assuming your own gender online when role playing.

something for class


hey guys i saw this and i thought it might be interesting for class!


so my tentaive porject proposal is to make a video( that would be posted on a website) analyzing this whole idea of "identity" online and how that relates to race and or gender.

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