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I think the most amazing thing that technology has come up with is the fact that we have the power to watch TV on the computer. As college students, we have very limited access to a TV. At least at Pitzer, there's only one television for all the freshman dorms to share. Clearly, things can get difficult. Thankfully, we can now download television shows on computers and solve the cat-fight for the TV screen.

Video games & storytelling!

Here's a very funny youtube video about video games and storytelling!
GO TO IT, you won't regret it:

You have 3 seconds. impress me

The main idea for the chapter "Buying into American Idol" is about the audience's reaction to reality shows and how the industry makes money off us. The part I found most interesting was about the Apple Box Production's poster. The main question they ask is "How does the viewer's search for compelling content translate into exposure to sponsored messages?"

video game time & reality

There were many aspects of games, film and media in this article. The part that most interested me was the idea of storytelling through video games and how 'video game' time works.

"Many factors that have little or nothing to do with storytelling per se contribute to the development of great games and we need to significantly broaden our critical vocabulary for talking about games to deal more fully with those other topics."

woman of war

Ronell's "A Disappearance in community" was extremely odd. The section that interested me the most was how Ronell said a woman's body has a strong relationship to death, despair, finitude and life. "while the woman's body produced the eternal return of the 'bloody mess of organic matter,' the cyborg soldier, located in the command and control systems, exercises on the fields of denial."

Race, sexuality & the internet

On the internet, anyone could be fooled by who they're talking to. Because a majority of internet users are assumed to be white, a racial issue was created subconsciously within itself. Because on the internet only text is presented, it's impossible to tell people's race for sure. If race is so important, than why is it being accidently excluded? Not only by LambdaMOO or any other internet company, but by every player who subconciously chooses to state their ethnicity?

Turkle & Dibbell

There are many questions to be asked about identity online. No matter who we are in real life, everything is masked online. This is how children are taken advantage of and easily lured to people who pretend to be a friend but are really a foe. Dibbell's article made me think about identity in general. Everyone has a separate identity, separate social security number, but we are all apart of the human race. No matter how jobs rank, no one is truly the boss of another individual or higher in any way.

Final Project Proposal

For my project, i want to compare the poetry of a machine and poetry of my own. Because a machine is given a guildline, I'm going to use the guidelines of poetry as well, meaning i would write a sonnet or a haiku. I want to use the New Media Reader's poetry that a machine wrote as one of my references as well as look online. I want to write the paper part on 'man vs. machine' and talk about the similarities and differences between the two. I know this is very broad, do you have any ideas on how to narrow it down or should i just keep it as it is?


In this reading we discussed the three important components: Mediacy, hypermediacy and remediation. Each one is very different and has it's own important components.

Mediacy is connecting to technology in a more natural way. It's being in control and using certain parts of your body to almost suppress the electronic aspect. It makes you forget that you're even working with electronic's.

Television Storytelling


I found Jason Mittel's lecture extremely interesting. He spoke a lot about interplay between episodes and how the story weaves together. The most fascinating thing about television is that every episode is a puzzle piece that puts together the whole series/season.

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