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Here is my in depth look at web video in election politics. There are some great clips on the site, look around.


sustainable awesomeness



A company called GreenPix has created an astounding combination of sustainable technology and digital media virtuosity, dubbed the Zero Energy Media Wall. The system features the world's largest (so they claim) color LED display, powered completely by photovoltaic cells which are integrated into the glass curtain. During the day, the wall -- located on the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing -- harvests solar energy, then expends the charge at night in a display of undulating colors. The system goes on display this month.

television revolution

I found the Atlantic Monthly Article "The Revolution Will Be Televised," by Michael Hirschorn, to be my favorite of the suggested readings. Hirschorn's perspective as a media mogul who dealt with the music industry's transition from record to digital sales, offers an interesting perspective.


The "Convergence Culture," by Henry Jenkins, focused on the trend of consolidation of a wide range of mediums into a single package offering to consumer. At work are two forces, "both and top-down corporate-driven process and a bottom-up consumer driven process." Businesses hope to make money in many markets, while consumers demand constant entertainment and display less loyalty to one medium.

The convergence of Wrestling and Politics

The Virtual Community

I enjoyed Howard Rheingold's "The Virtual Community," as an interesting take on online communities from an individual who has formed deep bonds in one. Rheingold speaks enthusiastically about online communities, and has great visions for it s societal implications. He writes, "I have written this book to help inform a wider population about the potential importance of cyberspace to political liberties and the ways virtual communities are likely to change our experience of the real world, as individuals and communities."

you virtually murdered me, I'm suing

I thought our discussion on "A Rap in Cyberspace," divided the class into two camps. One side, the student an NYU is innocent, or the other it was in fact rape. I think those who say he was innocent, miss the point that had he sent a letter of made a phone call with such graphic comments it would have been considered harassment, and punishable under law, and those who view it as a rape and punishable as such, including the author, Julian Dibbell, are making a gross overstep when assessing the situation.

reality check

Looking beyond Sandy Stone's characterization of curiosity as a male impulse, I do agree with many of her points in "Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?" I found most valuable to our discussions, what I call a reality check, that, the "virtual community originates in, and must return to, the physical."

race online

As an endnote to our discussion on race online, I brought up a point about race on discussion boards concerning the Jeremiah Wright clips that populated youtube. This was a rare occasion in the blogosphere that allowed many to vent their anxieties about race relations in this country, and also defend and denounce his racially charged comments.



If you have not played with "warp" from youtube, you should, its a very cool way to navigate through videos.

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