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What you see here is a static archive of a site that once ran in Drupal. Accordingly, many functions have been disabled and some links may no longer work.

schedule updates


As I mentioned last week, I've got to attend an emergency meeting in New York this Wednesday, so we need to do a bit of shuffling in the schedule. Here's how the next few classes will go:

Monday, April 21 -- Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture, introduction through chapter 2

Monday, April 28 -- Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture, chapter 3 through conclusion

Wednesday, April 30 -- Your suggested readings

presentation signups


A reminder: presentation signups are taking place through the wiki on the Sakai site; if you have not yet signed up for a date, please do so immediately!

sample projects

A few sample projects that you might want to take a look at:

-- Last year, one student created a fan video, posted it on various video sharing sites, and wrote about the process and the connections of the project to the course's material.

-- Another student, as I said, built a really extensive navigable 3-D film-based narrative. This was a standalone file, built in Blender.

note about reading responses


Just a quick note to let you know that the reading response numbering has gotten all goofed up. Let's just say that the response due this past Monday on Bolter & Grusin was number 7, and that the response due the Monday after break, on Haraway and Stone, will be number 8. Tag accordingly!

some notes on reading responses -- please read


I'm in the process of reading and commenting upon your reading responses from last week, and wanted to give you all a few pieces of information based on my readings of them.

two followups

Two quick things that I mentioned in class this week, but didn't have the brain cache left to come up with the names of:

  1. The online identity management service I mentioned to you was claimID.
  2. The book I was trying to remember the name of was Daniel Solove's The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet.
  3. Have a good weekend!

lab, 25 January


In today's lab, I want all of you to make sure that your Pomona network accounts are activated and properly set up (for non-PO students only), to create your accounts on this website, and to create your first blog post. Some basic instructions:

1. See an ITS staff member at the front desk in order to get your network account activated; bring your college ID. For the first time you log in to your account, be sure to use a Windows machine, so that the account is properly configured with your PO web space, etc.

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