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So now that I am finished with my term project, and concentrating on much better topics (like the wiki) I decided that I would share with you what has helped keep me sane throughout this whole process. On the nights that I did not sleep at all or very well (because I was seeing those y's and n's), I would go to these places to clear my mind for a little while.

I scattered the links i lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I tried to make a found poem like in Cindy's project. And there's some things that correlate to other projects as well.

**If I could fall into the sky

links to my final project (vidding)


Great job to everyone on presentations! I thought they were awesome. I'd still be really interested in exploring everyone's work more, so it'd be cool if you could please post a link here if your project is available online.

Here are links to my own project, which was about fanvidding:

view the video here (also includes info and notes)

here is my critical appendix, which greatly expands on the things I talked about during my presentation and includes relevant links

final project ramblings

First of all, I wanted to say how much I've been enjoying the final presentations we've seen so far. Really interesting stuff! I also think it would be super cool if those of you whose projects are available online would post links so we can check 'em out. (Or if you already have, could you shoot me the link anyway? I might've missed it.)

I finally got my own video project online last night, and I'm looking forward to presenting it on Wednesday. It took me a whole month to complete but I'm really happy with the finished product! I'm also happy that it's already being well-received in the online world, with 115 views and 15 comments in the first 12 hours it's been up.

Rut... Javascript... Browser... Resize...


Okay... So after a day of wondering why I can't access my blog, I still don't know why I couldn't, but whatever, I opened the browser, typed in the address, and KAZAM! I could access my blog once more... Weird, I know, but THIS is not the moral of the story, let me tell you... hahahahahahaha. the tone of this entry is hilarious... okay...

I've been working on my project, yes, I know, WE all have, but I am stuck in a rut, the rut is that of the unknown code to change the size of a window browser... meh... IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE who knows how to do this??? I know it's something more than html, in the realm of javascript, which I don't know, at all... At all... Okay, I was just wondering. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our readings from the PEW Internet and American Life Project are fairly relevant to the sort of thing I'm attempting to explore in my term project. I was wondering if there were any similar surveys done on people from our age group. While I'm still looking into that, I've also made up a simple survey based off of the one used in 'The Strength of Internet Ties.'

Please try to get this out to people via email/notices?
It's only got 10 questions. We have a variety of students from most of the 5 colleges in our class so I'm hoping I'll get a spread of data.

Here's the link:

final project proposal

As this is a day late, I suppose I'm using one of the grace days.

I would really like to do a creative project for the end of the year. I'd like to take this opportunity to do something totally different as academic work, seeing as how we write papers pretty much constantly in college.

It's probably obvious by now that I am a huge fangirl (I blame Battlestar Galactica's season finale for this being late! ;) and I have been searching for a way to incorporate my passion for fan/audience studies into this course. Fans produce tons of creative work in all kinds of media, and I was thinking that I would undertake such a project myself and then supplement it by applying both the process and product to our readings in new media.



just so people know where to find it..this is what i started out with...

After more thought I think I might not focus on Facebook alone. Going on the critical project bent, I still want to examine social networking and community on the internet, but also explore how they are formed and how one is able to create an identity for themselves in such a space. Are sites such as Myspace a way of bringing the chaos of people roaming about on the internet into order? Because of the anonymity, total or partial, offered by the internet, do people choose to present an 'idealised self' online as opposed to a honest portrayal? Do people trust those they interact with on the internet more or less than they would people they meet every day?

Term project proposal - Racial Identity


So my project is going to be centered around the use and function of racial identity. I am going to do the creative project. My project will take the form of a story much like Michael Joyce's "Afternoon" and the little story ("Yours for the Telling" by Raymond Queneau) at the bottom of the pages of the Oulipo chapter. The "creator/reader" will choose certain scenarios and characters (including race and gender) for the story in the same way that "Afternoon" was done. When this happens, the story is meant to continue based on the characters chosen. If the "creator/reader" does not like the story, then they have the option to change it. Instead of a boring old story however, this story will be based on stereotypes about the certain people and races that are chosen. The reader should slowly understand that no matter what situation or character they choose, they will be bombarded with stereotypes.

Final project proposal: a hypertext work of my friends' and family's stories


One of my favorite writers, Ken Wilber, once said: "We move from part to whole and back again, and in that dance of comprehension, in that amazing circle of understanding, we come alive to deep meaning, to value, to vision." This way of viewing the world--in an integral fashion--resonates with me both in how I approach life and in my scope of media studies; to understand the parts you must know the whole, and vice versa. I would like to apply this philosophy to my final project through a work of hypertext storytelling.
Everyone has a story (or a few) that is so uniquely unique that it defines each person's very self-identity. I want write a work of hypertext lit that weaves together the hilarious/sad/unbelievable/incredible/heartbreaking/profound/whatever stories of my family and friends. My project ties to media theory in three ways:

Term Project Proposal, the proposal of poetry

So, since the beginning of my Creative Writing class this semester (Poetry) my professor has insisted, repeated over and over how we don't read enough poets, and how we need to read more poets. He is quite right, and I haven't followed up on this; I don't like reading poetry, honestly, I can write it, and even when I write it, I don't feel it is TRUE poetry. So, as my proposal, I want to do some sort of hypertext tree of poetry. It'll consist of pieces of different poets that don't speak the same language --translations provided-- are from the same country, or lived during the same time frame.

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