Media Addiction

Check out this blog post. Media addiction, eh? I think that's what I have. I'm wondering what the rehab possibilities will be for this. Maybe some sort of 30-day sensory deprivation? Another issue it raises is what kinds of media one can and should be addicted to. If I give up watching TV and stop reading blog posts, will I just replace that with reading actual books or something?

Creative Proposal: Online Magazine

For most of this semester, I've been working on starting a lifestyle magazine for Pomona College. The analogy that I've been using to describe it is that All-Nighter (the name of the publication) would be what you would get if you turned the brain of a college student into a magazine, sort of a cross between Vanity Fair and My creative project idea is to design the website for All-Nighter. But I don't want the website to be just another iteration of the format used in so many other online magazine/newspaper sites. I'd like the site ( [still under construction, but we have secured the domain]) to be one that reflects more of the actual print magazine.

Why is MSTRKRFT/John Digweed at Vanguard so expensive

Pretty much the title sums up what I'm thinking about right now. I am all about some John freakin Digweed and MSTRKRFT.. so much so that I might actually consider a $45 ticket. That's SO MUCH MONEY for a ticket though and I just know I'll end up spending more going into LA.

Also look at this digital paint on your walls with lasers kit . Reminiscent of a similar Graffiti Research Lab project , it allows you to use a stick thing to draw on your walls.. this is cool. It also, like me griping about the MSTRKRFT show has almost nothing to do with new media. Or does it?

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