Lemonfingers Proposal... Lemonfingers? Yes, Lemonfingers...

So, I have been a member of Lemonfingers for about a year now, this is a new version of DeviantArt for writers. The site is not exactly like DeviantArt, but it has the essential elements that DeviantArt holds. Lemonfingers allows its members to post poetry of any type, prose of any type; it has forums where one can discuss poetry, prose and other features of the site. The homepage of the site shows new pieces as well as the different genres, and the announcements regarding the site. As for what I will be analyzing, I suppose the network of people this site has created, as well as what it means to have such accessibility to this medium. Of course, the site is of interest because I am a part of it, but also because it allows many people-- the majority teenagers -- to post what they believe to be poetry, even at its worst. The majority of poems written are cheesy poems about love, clichéd; and there are many small groups that discuss their poetry, but never to the whole intent that it seems it is supposed to be in a writing workshop. Perhaps the site is not supposed to work as a workshop, but more as a means to allow people to get their pieces out there to be read by others. The angle that I will take, well, I don't know if it is clear in what I've already typed, but perhaps the benefits of this type of site as well as the dark side, and the lack of importance given to the medium of writing for expression? I have no clue, yet, but I will try to think of what exactly I will be analyzing. This is my proposal, as for the site it is: Lemonfingers

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