"Whatever it is... you can get it on ebay"

GreenPost-it's post about the Wiki t-shirt really interested me. I know we're mostly focusing on blogs and wikipedia but eBay is another huge contributor to online connection and communication. It's like a gigantic online garage sale. I actually attended "eBay University" where I learned how to sell my Seinfeld Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs and have bought numerous things. Like other websites, eBay can introduce you to things you weren't aware of and it makes things more accessible. EBay also changes our market; now stores look online to adjust prices and have even more competitors.


I love Pomona. And thank goodness for its Information Technology Services. But I feel that because it is considered one of the Top 20 Wired Colleges in the nation, it has overlooked its most basic service, the FAQ. I commented earlier on SariKayla's "attached to our technology?" blog, describing how Pomona's Information Technology Services still has not updated their suggestion on computer necessity.

Digital Life or Collaborative Filtering?

For my money, web logs, search engines and the rest of the internet are primarily to collaborativeliy filter the endless amounts of information. I know this isnt the case for everyone else, in fact the internet is probably just as much about social activities as information gathering.

After seeing the blog Robot Wisdom I'm very impressed with the "collection" Jorn Barger has accumulated. He does use his site as a portal for "information" and other types of media. At the same time I can't really imagine ever devoting my whole life to that long page of links placed over a starry background. If information and personal expression is what we are after, should it really come from a single dark room with homemade pizza without anyone around? I think the presence of blogs and the internet as a whole has most likely allowed us to indulge our most introverted pleasures. I think its hard to argue that there are necessary social elements that one cannot get from a computer screen alone. Even the telephone isn't enough for most people. The bottom line, I think, is that blogging provides an unusual escape from reality while simultaneous broadcasting other "real" information to everyone else on the net.

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