facade pwnage


Ok, so I was bored one night and decided to show Facade to one of my suitemates who I thought might get a kick out of it. Well I was right -- she was instantly fascinated by the game and completely sucked into it. While watching her play it was so interesting to see how differently she approached the game than how I had played it. The kicker? She easily got Trip and Grace to make up and stay together, a feat I wasn't sure was really even possible. And she enjoyed it! Then it occurred to me that this friend of mine was about to go to grad school to learn how to be a therapist, and I wasn't so surprised that Facade was a fun and relatively easy challenge for her.

Facade... Yes... FUN!


Facade, what a wonderful game! Not only are its graphics very amazingly distracting, but the characters are hilarious. Yes, I am being sarcastic, but not completely. While I played the game three times, if I recall correctly, each time was even more fun than the previous one. The characters didn't like me at all. The first time I was Emily, and then Andrew, and then Steph. I got kicked out for saying random things or for kissing them abruptly. Though I was struggling to get them to talk to me about their relationship, it was interesting to see how condescending Trip really is, and how sad Grace is.



Wow, that was really depressing and addicting!

Trying to relieve some of that palpable tension really got to me. I must say, kissing Grace didn't help very much.

I was oddly sucked in to this game because I could respond to and prompt Grace and Trip in real time. They usually didn't respond appropriately, but when they did I felt as though they were two real people talking to me through a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game). It was pretty disturbing to my roommate who didn't understand how a "game" could be depressing.

I think that's partially the point of Facade.

Facade Experiences...

Lets do a little play by play.

1. I started making out with both of em when Grace was talking about the bookcase. I got kicked out.

2. I stayed for about 30mins, tried to get Grace to hook up with me, didn't work. Trip caught me making out with her and he kicked me out. This game is boring.

Why would I want to play a game about helping a fighting couple get back together? But besides that, they respond decently to my comments:

Well, it's impressive... even after a full day's work designing magazine ads, Grace somehow finds time to decorate...
Ha ha, I guess it's just the artist in me dying to get out.

seed plz


Someone seed Facade mac please if you've got it; I know there's gotta be another mac user in the class...

Facade Nightmare


I am having a terrible time with Facade.

Does anyone know what to do once you open the door? (this took me like 20 minutes alone) I've tried talking to them, but all I've been able to do is grab items, put them down, kiss, hug, and comfort.

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