More Cool Stuff

I like this blog a lot. I don't know if this stuff is real, but it is pretty cool non the less.

I also found this article on net neutrality. I felt that it contradicted itself two or three times through the course of the article. The title seems to imply that stopping net neutrality would spur innovation because companies would have to make everything cheaper and faster to retain customers, but then the second paragraph contradicts the title.

I Love Google

Google has basically the coolest ideas in the entire world times three. Here is their latest creation, or one of them at least.

Basically they have combined voice recognition with a multi-touch interface to create basically the best thing ever. I think voice recognition software has reached a higher level then we give it credit for. All of the customer services calls I have made over the past couple of months start off with a computer asking me for some sort of code. We no longer have to push the number, we can just say it, and so on. With a little bit of training, my blue tooth phone can make calls without me having to touch a button.

Life without structure?


The readings this past week characterize hypertext as non-linear, devoid of a structure, lacking centrality, and linking between anything and everything.

Much of their work seems to be made in opposition to the idea of an author and his complete, linear, and structured work. However, aren't these characteristics more a part of life than just a literary tradition?

Take Pomona College for example. You could argue that everyone's schedule is like a hypertext since there really is no set path to graduation. However, the institution is such that all science courses are generally in Seaver North/South, math courses are in Milikan, theater classes are in Seaver Theater, and everyone registers at Alexander. People need organization in their lives.

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