Artificial Intelligence


Well, after taking a couple of days off, I returned to the internet to find some startling news. We have been talking some about artificial intelligence this semester, but we have no been talking about man-machine interaction/combination, also know as cyborg technology. This is a video of the Dean of Drexel's new mechanical arm. It offers more function / mobility then I have seen from prosthesis, which is not much but this still looks like a good sign. And I also found this article on new technology. The invisibility cloak is jaw dropping, and the machine that increases strength is my other example of cyborg technology.

I Love Google

Google has basically the coolest ideas in the entire world times three. Here is their latest creation, or one of them at least.

Basically they have combined voice recognition with a multi-touch interface to create basically the best thing ever. I think voice recognition software has reached a higher level then we give it credit for. All of the customer services calls I have made over the past couple of months start off with a computer asking me for some sort of code. We no longer have to push the number, we can just say it, and so on. With a little bit of training, my blue tooth phone can make calls without me having to touch a button.

link to hello jetsons, goodbye dish duty

sorry . . . i clearly don't have real intelligence . . . here's that link to the AI chore-doing robot article.

Hello Jetsons, Goodbye Dish Duty

So remember that 12-year (or 10 or 500-year) prediction that Licklider made about AI machines being able to perform most military problem solving? Well, it looks like Stanford AI-junkies have made another prediction on a similar, more pedestrian use of AI: a chore-doing robot, a la Rosie the Robot Maid.

Do you think this robot is a feasible idea? I feel like IF made public and IF it experienced widespread use, the gap between the techonologically-speaking haves and have-nots would split wider than ever.

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