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Proposal: Advertising

I still need to narrow down my focus for the project (and I guess that's what this blog post is supposed to help me do), but I want to do my project on advertising - specifically, how companies/advertising agencies are using new media in campaigns. Looking at one example of a web advertising campaign could potentially be a good way of demonstrating the potential of new media for product promotion. I don't have a specific site in mind to look at, but I'm thinking of maybe analyzing something like the aerie blog, a blog about American Eagle's Aerie clothing line.


I love Pomona. And thank goodness for its Information Technology Services. But I feel that because it is considered one of the Top 20 Wired Colleges in the nation, it has overlooked its most basic service, the FAQ. I commented earlier on SariKayla's "attached to our technology?" blog, describing how Pomona's Information Technology Services still has not updated their suggestion on computer necessity.

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