digital divide

15% of Americans w/o Internet or cell

An interesting new Pew study released: here's the Pew link. It shows that 15% of Americans have no Internet of cell phone. It points out, unsurprisingly, that that 15% is mostly comprised of an older generation. Once that generation (sorry if this sounds harsh) dies off, the percentage of those unconnected should drop very close to 0. Keep in mind that this is only talking about the US, however. Our country is far more connected than most, so even as this number falls to 0, the digital divide is still very real.

free wi-fi, eventually

I thought this article from the Wall Street Journal was interesting. It talks about a couple of different approaches to spreading Wi-Fi out for free. Some cities and communities, such as San Francisco, are trying to offer Wi-Fi for free to everyone. Other companies, such as Time Warner Cable, are trying to create a social network of Wi-Fi users to profit off of. The writer of the article does not give a clear answer to which technology will work best, he just says some combination of them will definately give everyone wireless access in the coming years.

Digital Divide

I don't remember who said this, but it was recently said that, "the future is here, but it's unevenly distributed". A lot of this has to do with economics beyond the scope of new media, however new media technology may be able to provide internet access to those who cannot currently afford it. I read an article about the development of a new technology which should provide affordable internet access to those who do not live near urban areas or big cities.

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