Proposal: Advertising

I still need to narrow down my focus for the project (and I guess that's what this blog post is supposed to help me do), but I want to do my project on advertising - specifically, how companies/advertising agencies are using new media in campaigns. Looking at one example of a web advertising campaign could potentially be a good way of demonstrating the potential of new media for product promotion. I don't have a specific site in mind to look at, but I'm thinking of maybe analyzing something like the aerie blog, a blog about American Eagle's Aerie clothing line.

Blogs as Promotional Tools

This entry doesn't relate specifically to any of the readings or discussions, but I still thought it might be interesting to discuss within the context of our class. I'm wondering what people thik about blogs/new media being used to promote old(er) media... it seems like there's been sort of a mixed track record. For every Snakes on a Plane failure in blog-to-reality translation of profits, there's also something like Cassie, who was a big success based on her relentless myspace promotion.

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