final project ramblings

First of all, I wanted to say how much I've been enjoying the final presentations we've seen so far. Really interesting stuff! I also think it would be super cool if those of you whose projects are available online would post links so we can check 'em out. (Or if you already have, could you shoot me the link anyway? I might've missed it.)

I finally got my own video project online last night, and I'm looking forward to presenting it on Wednesday. It took me a whole month to complete but I'm really happy with the finished product! I'm also happy that it's already being well-received in the online world, with 115 views and 15 comments in the first 12 hours it's been up.

funny iphone video

I got a kick out of this iphone skit on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Enjoy!

south park relevance

I just watched the new South Park episode entitled "The Snuke", which is a parody of the show 24. In this episode Kyle (and later, government officials) track down a Russian terrorist from Kyle's bedroom by cross-referencing user profile information on websites such as eBay, YouTube, PayPal, MySpace, J-Date, eHarmony, Google maps, and Mapquest. I was amused. :) It reminded me of our discussion in class about the extent to which we release personal information on the web and the potential it has to cause trouble...!

Some Stuff I Found Interesting

I found a series of made for YouTube videos called AfterWorldTV. I am hooked.

Old school anti-pirating videos.

The best game ever. Its really simple, yet really challenging. Planarity

We thought we would have it bad if our hard-drive got deleted. This guy has it a lot worse.

Elections gone viral!


This isn't breaking news, as it's been in the headlines since the weekend (As of this writing, Google News recognizes 78 articles on it), but I've been too busy to write about it until now.

Long story short, somebody took Apple's famous 1984 ad and mashed it up to make it an ad for Obama's Presidential campaign. Hillary stars as the big brother figure, and the lady who smashes the screen is wearing a shirt with Obama's logo. Anyway, enough with the description, just watch it HERE. That's the original YouTube post, and it already has more than 1 million views, plus a few more hundred thousand views of the same video under other usernames.

The Next YouTube

If you thought YouTube was cool be prepared to be amazed. Well, not really, but this is still kind of interesting. Scrib is YouTube for text documents. I know that sounds kinda lame and dumb, but you can upload your own stuff and then see where the people who are looking at it are from. Even cooler is the ability to download it in mp3 format. Yep, they have text to speech with a British accent that will make you laugh and sing. But anyway, take a look at the sample they give you in the article, its a really f

Possible Term Project

hey guys, I'm gonna start really trying to figure out what I am going to make my YouTube movies about for my term project. I have friend from another class who has done video production before, so he said he would help me out with shooting the video. Anyway, long story short, I want your guy's input for any ideas. I have a blog following my adventure (the adventure won't really begin until after break). Thanks for any future input!

video + reading frustrations

Going back a couple days of discussion, but it's funny: Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tech in Action! I'll stick to my keyboard kthnx.

I got so frustrated with my homework this weekend that I almost decided to light my New Media Reader on fire, but then I remembered how much it would cost to buy a new one. I find these readings painfully outdated, but I guess that's kind of the point.

Also, all of the anti-television talk bothered me. Moulthrop has no problem referring to TV simply as "the idiot box", and happily reports that hypertext will probably replace TV instead of books.

Multi Touch Interface


Professor Fitzpatrick mentioned multi touch interface in class and I think it is really worth seeing. Check it out here.

I want one of these for my room.

My fascination with the addiction


I have spending way too much time on YouTube the last two days. Well I wouldn't classify myself as an addict quite yet, however, if it was winter or spring break I might be an addict by the end of the week. I don't really understand why, most of the stuff is crappy, but I set out on an adventure to figure out why I have been wasting the time away the past couple of days.

My hypothesis is as follows: the total randomness and uselessness of everything YouTube provides us with an escape, the ability laugh , cry, and just not care about anything else.

I have been in the research "zone", if you will, for the last 30-40 mins and have emerged an expert ;) on the field of addiction and YouTube. Of course, no "legitimate" article is written on this subject, however many bloggers are keenly aware of their new forming addiction. Here is my best shot at reproducing my "research" for you:

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