Art and new media

When we discussed things that the syllabus/class seemed to be missing that we would like to see, I think someone mentioned art and new media.

Here's a complaint that contemporary art institutes just aren't keeping up with the times. Instead of using all sorts of technology - video, audio files - at their disposable to give people a slice of what the museum is like, they seem to be stuck on using only images.

I'm wondering if this doesn't show a little resistance on the part of m

Creative Proposal: Online Magazine

For most of this semester, I've been working on starting a lifestyle magazine for Pomona College. The analogy that I've been using to describe it is that All-Nighter (the name of the publication) would be what you would get if you turned the brain of a college student into a magazine, sort of a cross between Vanity Fair and My creative project idea is to design the website for All-Nighter. But I don't want the website to be just another iteration of the format used in so many other online magazine/newspaper sites. I'd like the site ( [still under construction, but we have secured the domain]) to be one that reflects more of the actual print magazine.

Is Art Dying?


I found the following passage interesting. It is from "New Media from Borges to HTML"

"Thus in my view this book is not just an anthology of new media but also the first example of a radically new history of modern culture--a view from the future when more people will recognize that the true cultural innovators of the last decades of the twentieth century were interface designers, computer game designers, music video directors, and DJs--rather than painters, filmmakers, or fiction writers, whose fields remained relatively stable during this historical period." (16)

I do not believe that Lev Manovich is saying that people like Shakespeare, Van Gogh, etc. should be forgotten, but he does make the claim that we are moving from the romantic notion of an individual artist or author to this wave of new media. He believes the technological advancements in these new media forms are worthy accomplishments. In addition, the creators of these new media forms are the Shakespeares and Van Goghs of this generation.

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