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the high throne of porn might fall...

Let me start off by saying I just posted, and I quote, "the high throne of porn...", I don't know, I thought that was pretty impressive.

Anywho, Porn is now LESS and LESS popular on the Internet. The Economist article goes on to say that social networking sites, i.e. myspace and facebook, are now getting the bulk of the hits from internet users. While the Avenue Q song The Internet is Made For Porn may have had it right, web 2.0 is made for high school and college students.

Just as a side note, it is slightly interesting that none of the articles we have read this year deal with porn in any way shape or form.


Our readings from the PEW Internet and American Life Project are fairly relevant to the sort of thing I'm attempting to explore in my term project. I was wondering if there were any similar surveys done on people from our age group. While I'm still looking into that, I've also made up a simple survey based off of the one used in 'The Strength of Internet Ties.'

Please try to get this out to people via email/notices?
It's only got 10 questions. We have a variety of students from most of the 5 colleges in our class so I'm hoping I'll get a spread of data.

Here's the link:


I love Pomona. And thank goodness for its Information Technology Services. But I feel that because it is considered one of the Top 20 Wired Colleges in the nation, it has overlooked its most basic service, the FAQ. I commented earlier on SariKayla's "attached to our technology?" blog, describing how Pomona's Information Technology Services still has not updated their suggestion on computer necessity.

You've got to read this

Like I Care. Fits with what we're talking about all too well. Does anyone else feel this way about the internet today? I might expand on this later...


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