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Does anyone remember the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine? I remember reading those when I was younger and the poems we read by the Oulipo reminded me of them. They were so awesome because you could choose to navigate your adventure through the book anyway you wanted.

The idea of the author giving the reader more control of direction through the literature is interesting. It seems that in the new digital literature might entice readers by appearing to offer more choice in navigation but really limited the direction and development of the overall story.

new media and the political process

This article found online was on the front page of The New York Times on Feb. 9 discussing Democratic presidential contender John Edwards' controversy with the two people running his campaign blog. He decided to keep his staff, but it was either keeping the women and facing criticism from conservatives who disproved of the vulgarity in their blogging past, or firing the women and facing criticism from the internet world.

"Whatever it is... you can get it on ebay"

GreenPost-it's post about the Wiki t-shirt really interested me. I know we're mostly focusing on blogs and wikipedia but eBay is another huge contributor to online connection and communication. It's like a gigantic online garage sale. I actually attended "eBay University" where I learned how to sell my Seinfeld Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs and have bought numerous things. Like other websites, eBay can introduce you to things you weren't aware of and it makes things more accessible. EBay also changes our market; now stores look online to adjust prices and have even more competitors.


I love Pomona. And thank goodness for its Information Technology Services. But I feel that because it is considered one of the Top 20 Wired Colleges in the nation, it has overlooked its most basic service, the FAQ. I commented earlier on SariKayla's "attached to our technology?" blog, describing how Pomona's Information Technology Services still has not updated their suggestion on computer necessity.

YouTube, you rich

An example of a collaborative media growing with astronomical speed . . . YouTube. I saw this Forbes list of the top 10 disrupters of 2006, and thought it really illuminated the power of wiki technology (which YouTube could be considered!)

YouTube infamously got media giants to bow at their feet and relinquish control over video content -- further showing how sharing and collaborative posting are what matter in our "new mediated" world to a new generation of onliners. Also, note the cash Google forked over to YouTube founders for ownership . . . $1.65 billion. Wow. And the guys who started YouTube are only in their 20's. Make you feel a bit under-accomplished?

"WE" generation

Hey everyone. Just wanted to alert all of you to an interesting article I read on Cnet online. It's about how emerging Web 2.0 technology and services are affecting a new generation of kids and their media consuming habits. The article stresses the importance of our Control over our own media. It hints of improved media democracy. Check it out, maybe it will lead you to more interesting discoveries.

Here is the link Digital Kids

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