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Multi Touch Interface


Professor Fitzpatrick mentioned multi touch interface in class and I think it is really worth seeing. Check it out here.

I want one of these for my room.

More Web 2.0 Stuff


I think the Google Search format is about to take over the world. Ever wanted to call 411 and just say, "Ralph's Pizza", and have them call if for you? Well, soon you will be able to. Check this out.

Web 2.0 is becoming World 2.0, where every everything we touch has felt the effects of computer technology. McDonalds outsources its drive through to Missouri, why can't 411 figure out where I want to call base on my voice's commands? While a computer might still talk like a compu

Wiki Web 2.0


Somebody suggested that our Wiki be a database on Web 2.0 companies.

I found this site which has a ton of information on Web 2.0 companies. I think it is a good starting point if we decide to do Web 2.0 companies for our project.

Of course, I am still all for the Wiki that shows the interconnectedness between all our lives. I feel that the sharing and the connections aspects capture the true essence of Wikis. A few people have been discussing it on our Wiki

On an unrelated note, I would like to apologize to my group on Wednesday.

"WE" generation

Hey everyone. Just wanted to alert all of you to an interesting article I read on Cnet online. It's about how emerging Web 2.0 technology and services are affecting a new generation of kids and their media consuming habits. The article stresses the importance of our Control over our own media. It hints of improved media democracy. Check it out, maybe it will lead you to more interesting discoveries.

Here is the link Digital Kids

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