Mistaken identity


I mentioned earlier in the week how people are using new media to try to piece together a picture and make sense of the person who committed the killings at VT. Professor F. also mentioned how the media were using FB to find the friends and family of those who were part of VT and pursue them for information.

But did anyone hear about this guy?
Basically, he was mistaken for the killer because he matched up a lot on a lot of the same points (was student at VT, Asian, gun-nut, recently broken up with girlfriend, etc...)
And the whole thing got blown up to massive proportions, mainly due to the fact that the news was able to get around very quickly because of new media. At the time, people were desperate for information about what was going on and they would hear about the supposed killer on forums, blogs, youtube and even the news. And they then rushed to view this guy's blog and point fingers.



SO, there's a new organization tracking the 2008 presidential candidates' uses of web 2.0 technology and social networking websites. Here's an article about it on TechCrunch

it's nice for me to know that candidates are realizing the influence that web 2.0 has on potential voters our own age. I hope youtube channels and myspace pages convince some us to to actually vote next election and possibly win one for the liberals. I've spend enough time reading that the democrats aren't united well enough and won't mobilize together.

"WE" generation

Hey everyone. Just wanted to alert all of you to an interesting article I read on Cnet online. It's about how emerging Web 2.0 technology and services are affecting a new generation of kids and their media consuming habits. The article stresses the importance of our Control over our own media. It hints of improved media democracy. Check it out, maybe it will lead you to more interesting discoveries.

Here is the link Digital Kids

I've no Idea Mates... But it's got to do with MUZAC!


I am not much of a blogger, even if I have over 100 blogs posted on myspace. I have no idea why I just mentioned that, but oh well. I don't read blogs, so I had to search for one that would be amusing for this one blog that I am currently typing out. I don't recall what this blog- which I am currently going to start describing- was really about, but it has some music content. I do recall that-the blog whose link I will be posting soon- has writing pieces about interesting musicians of whom I have never heard, and it also includes bands like Kasabian and artists like Prince. The writers seem to take music seriously and manage to create posts not to the level of a music journalist, but as close as possible in the most colloquial manner. The critical analysis of the music is interesting because of its content of references to well known artists. The blog also manages to have videos or links to actual songs. I tried a link to a song, but it didn't work within ten seconds so I decided to keep on reading the blog instead and closed the page where the song was to appear. So, here is the link to an interesting music blog .

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