web 2.0: problems

The line about the language of the internet from the reading "The Virtual Barrio" struck me as odd. He seemed to take issue to the fact that all of the "computer literate" people, and the web as a whole, only spoke English. I don't see that as a problem being that all of the major websites I use (Google, Amazon, Digg, Espn) are run by huge American corporations appealing to English speaking customers. (Digg doesn't fall into that category, but is run by English speaking individuals) English is the language of web 2.0 simply because those innovating either speak English, or want the English market. I bet just as much stuff that happens in the .com world is also happening in the Japaneses and Chinese version of .com. The fact that Spanish, or spanglish, is not a major factor in web related content is that the people doing business don't speak Spanish. Gomez seems to appreciate capitalism in "clothing and video games", but doesn't seem to grasp that capitalism is what powers 75% of the internet's growth. The de facto language of the internet, English, came about because English speakers brought it to the forefront of society. I don't think you can take issue to the fact that Bill Gates and the Google guys happen to speak English; they were just smarter than everyone else in the entire world and everything went from there.

Google + Snoop Dogg = Gizoogle


The Warschauer article from last week proposed the idea that race/ ethnicity are encoded in language, and therefore online interactions betray a sense of privacy about race/ ethnicity.

Gizoogle is a site that acts just like Google, except that it translates your search results into "Snoop Dogg." (It doesn't translate the actual site, just the search results). Check it out.

Is this offensive? Is it funny? The makers of this site claim to be huge fans of Snoop . . . is this a good way to pay homage to Mr. Doggy Dogg?

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