tracking devices

Minority Report via the MINI . . .

We were talking the other day in class about the stupidity of tracking devices, but it seems like MINI has made a splash in the advertising (specifically billboards) world with a brand new use of tracking technology in their MINI Motoryby ad campaign. The digital messages on four MINI billboards (one in each NYC, Chicago, Miami, and San Fran) now change as MINI owners with registered fobs drive by. So if you have a MINI, and you registered online, and you have the fob they sent you on your keychain, you might drive by to see your name a joke about you or your profession plastered up for all to see. Can you imagine having your birthday or something else to that effect flash on the billboard when you drive by? Hmm, please let idea die here. Sorry MINI, too weird/creepy for me.

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