final project

ompah! Final project!


So, since my final project ate my life for a little while (and my blog grade, too; a zero for two straight weeks isn't bad, right?), I thought it deserved its own blog post. It was really nice to go back and sort of re-read some of the stuff from earlier in the year. Since I had focused on hypermedia for both the midterm and the final, I had a chance to look at the material a couple of times, and sort out a few things that had confused me at first. I also got a chance to explore some more hypermedia texts, and while I probably could have done this more extensively, I ended up reading the beginning of another Deleuze and Guattari article that I thought was pretty cool, even if I didn't understand it. I also got very familiar with the game engine in Blender and this video plugin, so if I ever need to use it again, which I have no idea if I will, I'll be able to.

I need a partner!


Yeah, so, we're exchanging rough drafts on Wednesday with a partner. And I don't have a partner. Who out there still needs one?

programming help

Does anyone have any experience compiling programs? I'm might need to compile a plugin for a program on my mac and I'm kinda not so up on programming and whatnot.. is there anyone who might be able to help me do this?

project proposal: digital war

I am not sure how to do a creative project so I plan on just writing an essay about the effects of the internet in the new world created after the Cold War. Since the internet has become so accessible, it has completely revolutionized the way we interact, especially in combat. No longer does the military force have to out number or out wit the opponent, it has simply become a nuclear arms race that has put diplomacy and warfare at such a distance that an the entire country could be annihilated by pressing a few buttons. The internet has increased to speed of the exchange of information, allowing for leaders to make more prompt and knowledgeable decisions.

Digital Media Distribution, Final Project Proposal

Digital Distribution

Viacom's CEO famously said "Content Is King" in the media industry. These past 5 years or so have been full of great evidence against this notion. As digital media distribution becomes better developed, traditional content owning media companies like the major record labels and TV networks are fighting with small startups who are either controlling their content online or making profits by distributing large amounts of Indie content.

I think distribution will be king in the near future if it already isn't right now. It's only a matter of time before networks and labels will be forced to contract with YouTubes, Joosts and Music distribution platforms and then offer DRM free content. There is a huge revolt among these traditional companies because of "content sharing" and because they are unwilling to adapt to the changing form of media vehicles. I think it's inevitable that much of their content will be online and will be viewed by an audience interested in getting it "on demand" and for a cheaper price than they do now.

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