cell phones

The Cell Phone

Cell phones have been an under-appreciated topic in our class. I remember back in the Zack Morris days of cell phones; actual land phones you had to carry around. Now-a-days some phones are to small to operate with big hands. With the advent of the iPhone upon us, I am betting that sooner or later our cell phones will be the center of our mobile lives. (The computer home theater will be the center of our home media experience)

Right now, cell phones can connect us to anyone anytime we have a signal. But, the newer phones pack a lot more punch than that. Phones like the Treo, blackberry, and iPhone are basically mobile computers. They play mp3s, have internet capabilities, and text messaging. You put the internet and text messaging together and you get ideas like this. I have heard plans in Japan or China to have credit cards built into cell phones, along with some sort of basic personal information that store scanners can read to better help you find things you might like. I might be making that up, but I remember reading it somewhere.

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