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The "new" in this course's title is something of a misnomer; the Internet as we know it (meaning primarily the world wide web) has been around for over a dozen years, and that's only one of the more recent network protocols invented for computer-based communication. This course will serve as an introduction to the study of digital media, new and otherwise, with attention to the pre-history of the Internet technologies we're now familiar with, the theoretical modes of reading that such technologies have helped give birth to, and the social and political effects that these technologies have had.

New syllabus?

Could the revised syllabus be posted to the blog or replace the now-outdated version that still sits at the top of the blog? Thanks.

Weekly Blog Grades

My one gripe is the weekly nature of the blog grade. I feel that it encourages a negative mindset about blogging--saving up ideas. For example, "I have something really interesting that I could post to the blog right now, but I've already posted enough this week, so I should wait until next week instead of wasting it." This attitude is obviously dumb and harmful to the success of the blog, but still a hard one to fight off.

I'm not saying that I would have a better way of grading it...I wouldn't. Just sayin.

some notes

Here are a few bits of important information. I'm going to keep this post up at the top of things for a few days, until I'm sure everyone's had a chance to see it.

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